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The Game Of Kings : The Lymond Chronicles Book One

Dorothy Dunnett (Author)

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • 538 Page / Published 1999-02-25
  • Category: Non-Fiction , History
  • ISBN: 9780140282399
  • Language: English
  • Format: PB
  • CD/DVD:

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Dorothy Dunnett

Dorothy Dunnett OBE was a Scottish historical novelist. She is best known for her six-part series about Francis Crawford of Lymond, The Lymond Chronicles, which she followed with the eight-part prequel The....

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VOTED ONE OF BRITAIN'S FAVOURITE HISTORICAL NOVELS Before George R. R. Martin there was Dorothy Dunnett . . . PERFECT for fans of A Game of Thrones. 'She is a brilliant story teller, The Lymond Chronicles will keep you reading late into the night, desperate to know the fate of the characters you have come to care deeply about.' The Times Literary Supplement _____________ 'I despised men who accepted their fate. I shaped mine twenty times and had it broken twenty times in my hands' It is 1547 and, after five years imprisonment and exile far from his homeland, Francis Crawford of Lymond - scholar, soldier, rebel, nobleman, outlaw - has at last come back to Edinburgh. But for many in an already divided Scotland, where conspiracies swarm around the infant Queen Mary like clouds of midges, he is not welcome. Lymond is wanted for treason and murder, and he is accompanied by a band of killers and ruffians who will only bring further violence and strife. Is he back to foment rebellion? Does he seek revenge on those who banished him? Or has he returned to clear his name? No one but the enigmatic Lymond himself knows the truth - and no one will discover it until he is ready . . . 'A storyteller who could teach Scheherazade a thing or two about pace, suspense and imaginative invention'New York Times 'Melodrama of the most magnificent kind' The Guardian