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The Case Notes of Sherlock Holmes

Joel Jessup  (Author)

  • Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group
  • 224 Page / Published 2018-09-08
  • Category: Fiction , Sherlock Holmes
  • ISBN: 9781787391505
  • Language: English
  • Format: PB
  • CD/DVD:

81.50 GEL

Joel Jessup 

Joel Jessup is a highly experienced scriptwriter, show developer and author, with specialist experience in animation and comedy. Starting at a young age and continuing to a less young age, he has....

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Sherlock Holmes: The Case Notes are the files on which Watson based his later, more elaborate accounts of Holmes' investigations. They take the form of a scrapbook containing letters, sketches, newspaper articles and other documents sometimes mentioned in the more familiar forms of these stories, but often neglecting detail. Within these pages you will find Watson's sketches of the paw prints discovered near the body of Sir Charles Baskerville, drawings and notes of the "Dancing Men" from Holmes's sketchbook, and Sherlock Holmes's final, heart-rending letter to Watson before his violent struggle with Moriarty in "The Final Problem". Painstakingly researched, beautifully designed and packaged, and rich in period detail, this is a book that brings the world of 221B Baker Street vividly to life. It is a volume that no Sherlock Holmes fan will want to be without.