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The Value Of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy

Mariana Mazzucato (Author)

  • Publisher: Penguin UK
  • 384 Page / Published 2019-04-16
  • Category: Non-Fiction , Business & Bio
  • ISBN: 9780141980768
  • Language: English
  • Format: PB
  • CD/DVD:

32.50 GEL

Mariana Mazzucato

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Who really creates wealth in our world? And how do we decide the value of what they do? In modern capitalism, value-extraction - the siphoning off of profits, from shareholders' dividends to bankers' bonuses - is rewarded more highly than value-creation- the productive process that drives a healthy economy and society. We misidentify takers as makers, and have lost sight of what value really means. Yet, argues Mariana Mazzucato in this penetrating and passionate new book, if we are to reform capitalism we urgently need to rethink where wealth comes from. Who is creating it, who is extracting it, and who is destroying it?